Mushroom Burger from Pilzwerk in a sesame bun

Pilzburger from Pilzwerk with Curry Sauce

The mushroom burger from Pilzwerk!


The mushroom burger consists of our home-grown oyster mushrooms. We process them together with a garlic, onions, salt and pepper into a patty. The patty can be prepared in the pan, in the oven or in the deep fryer.

Mushrooms are not only all-rounders in nature but also in the kitchen. Thanks to the big variety in taste and processing, mushrooms can be integrated into almost any dish in any form. Whether as a main meal (e.g. mushroom pan), as a side dish in a salad, as a soup or as a sauce, mushrooms are real marvels in the kitchen. Our products will not only effectively satisfy your hunger but also strengthen your immune system.

We serve the mushroom burger at our Foodtruck in a sesame bun with fresh vegetables and a choice of homemade sauces (garlic, curry, mayo (vegan)). If you want to know more about our products, have a look at our PRODUCT PAGE. You can find out where we are with our Foodtruck on Instagram, Facebook or on our homepage.