Chili con Funghi from Pilzwerk

Chili con Funghi in a 700 mL (left) and 400 mL Glas

The Chili con Funghi from Pilzwerk!


Mushrooms are not only all-rounders in nature but also in the kitchen. Thanks to the big variety in taste and processing, mushrooms can be integrated into almost any dish in any form. Whether as a main meal (e.g. mushroom pan), as a side dish in a salad, as a soup or as a sauce, mushrooms are real marvels in the kitchen. Our products will not only effectively satisfy your hunger but also strengthen your immune system.

In addition to the typical basic ingredients of a chili like tomatoes, corn, kidney beans, garlic, onions and chili peppers, the main ingredient of our vegan chilli is our home-grown shiitake and oyster mushroom. The vegan Chili con Funghi can be used in many ways. Whether as a main course with rice or pasta, as a sauce for a casserole or as a soup.

At our food truck we serve the chili with rice, a piece of baguette and creme fráiche. If you want to know more about our products, have a look at our PRODUCT PAGE. You can find out where we are with our Foodtruck on Instagram, Facebook or on our homepage.