The Pilzwerk Foodtruck in a new Design


When we first got the Foodtruck around April 2019, it looked like this:

The Pilzwerk Foodtruck around April 2019

It didnt look like much when we first bought it.


At first, we helped ourselves with some pens to freshen up the look „a little“. Didn´t really work that well. Our painting skills aren´t the best either 😉 It was clear to us that this beauty needs a fresh, iconic and colourful graffiti design, done by professionals.

We started to remove the old stickers from the hood that the pre-owner put their a few years ago and polished off the ready to be painted surfaces. But a few questions needed answering before we could move on with our project.

First: What design do we want?

Second: Who will be able to paint it in graffiti style?

Third: Where and when is it going to happen?


The answer to the first question was simple.



But who can get it done? Andre knows a Rapper / Graffitiartist called Mera.One (Lukas Kröger). Andre had seen some of his earlier artwork and knew that Lukas was the right guy for the job. The idea of transforming the foodtruck was quickly put forward by Andre via WahtsApp while he was riding a train to Osnabrück. Thats where Andre and Lukas found out that they were both riding the same train at the same time. The idea was quickly discussed during the short train ride. Lukas was very excited to put a wicked graffiti on our Foodtruck. He never painted on a surface as big as our truck and was looking forward to do so. He and his friend Fair.fine.Art (Nils Neumeyer) would create a few designs so Viktor and Andre could decide with the two artists what woulb be best for the graffiti. Viktor, Andre, Lukas and Nils came together for the first time and decided on a final design and a date for the graffiti paintjob. The first weekend of November 2019 was quickly decided upon.

All there is left to do now is trying to find the right location for painting a Foodtruck over a period of 3 days. Lucky enough, the neighbouring company Concept G, owned by Torsten Grabow, was kind enough to lend their garage to us for that time. Now the dream of our Pilzwerk Foodtruck in a new design could became a realitiy. After all preparations were done in the garage, the artists finally arrived to work their magic on our Foodtruck.

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After 3 days of hard work it was finally done! Our Foodtruck in a new design!


We are very very grateful for all the time and hard work that the artists and our photographer (Markus Irmer Fotografie) put into this.

If you want to know what we can do at our Foodtruck, have a look at our PRODUCT PAGE. You can find out where we are with our Foodtruck on Instagram, Facebook or on our homepage

Also check out the Graffiti Artists on Instagram. Lukas Kröger aka. Mera One and Nils Neumeyer aka. Fair fine Art